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How to unblock Epson Printer Heads. Print head cleaning fluid for use with Epson Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges. All inkjet printers suffer a gradual reduction in quality of print, it's inevitable through normal use that there will be a build up of ink residue, this is because of the super-fast drying inks in use today by almost all manufacturers in their never ending quest for improving the standard of print their printers are capable of. You can only do so much with head cleaning cycles and alignments within the printer software and this will inevitably use up much of your valuable ink reserves!


CARTRIDGE FLUSH - UK's BEST DEALS - RADICALLY IMPROVE YOUR PRINT QUALITYDon't despair though, there is a product on the market that can help reduce the speed at which you change your cartridges or even buy a new printer!!!! Our Printer Cartridge Cleaning Fluid / Head Cleaner /Unblocker can reduce or eliminate this residue and return your print quality to levels you didn't think possible again. Included in this pack is 60ml of Premium Grade Ink Cleaning Cleaning Fluid for use with genuine Epson and High Quality Compatible Ink Cartridges.


This product is manufactured in the UK for use with Epson printer cartridges above. It is a compatible fully tried and tested cleaning fluid.


Why do Epson Printheads block

Ink dries on contact with air, and these days we expect ink to dry immediately on contact with the paper. As our demands grow for printers that can replicate more detail , higher resolution and increased quality, so the size of the nozzles decrease while the number of nozzles increases, this leads to printers becoming more susceptible to blockages.The most common kind of blocked printer heads are when nothing has been printed for some time, the longer you wait in between printing the greater the chance of ink drying. Newly installed cartridges can also causes blockages due to tiny electrostaticly charged air bubbles blocking the print head, these will dissipate over a few hours, after which a basic nozzle clean will charge the print head allowing prefect prints to be made.

Another form of blockage is caused by the ink itís self, this is only typically a problem with low quality Epson compatibles - so if you want compatibles buy the best quality compatible Epson Inkjet Cartridges.

NOTE: doing multiple cleaning cycles will not cure anything, by running successive cleans all you will accomplish is the wasting of ink, the filling up of your maintenance tank and causing ink to accumulate on the underside of the print head, which will make matters worse since it will dry very quickly and make the problem even worse!

If the blockage is not too bad and only a few gates in the nozzle check are missing a test print with an array of basic colours is often all you need to get your printer working again. If the yellow channel is partially blocked, create a YELLOW new page and do 3 or 4 prints off, this should cure light blockages. If an improvement is witnessed but the nozzle check is still not 100% wait 30 minutes and repeat.

If the above does not remedy your problem or the blockage is more severe this is where Cartridge Flush Print Head Cleaner comes into its own. One or two small drops of cartridge flush placed directly onto the print head and left for 30 minutes can often cure even the most serious of blockage.